A new year with Grassroots-Gaa

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2017 is here and we’re delighted to bring you the year’s first edition.

We’ve taken a statistical and analytical look at both the Leinster club football and Leinster club hurling finals, involving Vincent’s and Cuala and, and touched on how we can expect the upcoming All-Ireland semi-finals to shape up. We’ve picked our Team of the Year from the 2016 football championship, and announced our 1,2 and 3 for Player of the Year.

Unfortunately we haven’t put together a hurling team of the year. As our work is based on detailed statistical analysis we’re not prepared to put something out that we can’t be sure to stand over, and we quite simply haven’t had the manpower to do the analysis required to do justice to a selection for both codes.

As for 2017, we’re still not 100% sure how things will run. We can say for certain that we’ll cover the 2017 Dublin Senior Football and Hurling Championships, and almost as certainly, we’ll be doing analysis on Dublin’s involvement in the football and hurling championships in the Summer. We hope to do analysis on the Dublin Football and Hurling teams in the National League.

Unless we can get some new journalists involved, it’s unlikely that we’ll be covering the club leagues. The workload for a voluntary magazine is just too high with our small team right now.

On that note, anybody interested in getting involved and doing match reports should send us a message on our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Finally, it was a late decision to restart GrassrootsGaa last September. Huge thanks to Cillian Murphy and Ronan Doyle, the original founders of the magazine, not alone for handing over the mantle, but for going out of their way to make the transition to new ownership as quick and hassle free as possible.

I came on board with the two lads as a match reporter, statistician and analyst in February 2014, by which stage they had already done an immense of work getting the magazine off the ground and garnering good will on the club scene throughout the county.

Their immense work in 2014 is the platform from which I took over as owner and chief editor in September 2016. I’m deeply and sincerely grateful to Cillian and Ronan for allowing me to take over from 2016.

We’re also very grateful to Avis Car Hire for the help they gave to the magazine in starting up in 2014.

On that note, if you’ve been reading since 2014, you may well have noticed a shift in editorial policy. We’ll publish an article shortly outlining our editorial policy.

Chief editor

Stephen O’Meara