Kick-out Break Analysis

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The dogs in the street can see the players who have won breaks. What tends to be missed, however, is which players were responsible for the opposition’s player winning the breaks.

To that end, “Break Analysis” deciphers which players won breaks on long kick-outs as well as which players were responsible for the opposition winning breaks.

How it works

Quite simply, you go through the match video and analyse each and every long kick-out. If it isn’t won cleanly or kicked over the side-line, it has to have been won on the break.

This analysis looks at which player has won the break. It then looks at which opponent was directly facing/responsible for that player at the time of the kick-out. Each break is then calculated as one or lost by a single player.

This gives you a read-out per game and over the course of many games which tells you how many breaks each given player has won, and crucially, how many they have lost.

In cases where a team’s tactic has left a free opponent who has won a break, as opposed to a player being beaten to the break, it is marked as “systematic”

Crucially, this analysis also leaves you with a whole team read-out so you can see if your team are winning or losing more than their fair share of breaks.