Score Concession Analysis

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Score Concession Analysis


The dogs in the street can recognise who has kicked and created scores. Equally significant, however, is what players have been beaten for conceded scores. These are much losers as much the score getters are match winners. This piece of analysis analyses what player was responsible for the key breach in every score or scoreable free conceded.

How it works

Every conceded score is analysed to see which player was culpable for the key breach.

Each of these is then categorised into one of three categories.

The first category is a Grade 1, which is to say that there was very little the defender could have done about it. This almost universally means than there man received a hand pass and the defender couldn’t get through a group of obstructing players to prevent the kick.

A Grade 2 means that the defender has been taken on and beaten directly.

A Grade 3 means that the defender has been breached without having had to have been taken on directly. It typically means that he has been “piggy in the middled”/ he has been sucked to the ball and neglected to pick up his man, he has let a player he should have been responsible for in behind him r he has fouled an attacker who was not a direct threat.


This leaves you with a comprehensive account of which players are responsible for what amount of score concessions and a ratio of Grade 2’s to Grade 3’s. A high number of Grade 3’s strongly alludes to a lack of defensive coaching/structure.