Possession to Score Analysis

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Possession to Score Analysis


Some of the smartest players have brains working at far faster and more developed rates than many, if not most, onlookers. What may appear to be an insignificant five yard pass, for example, may in fact be the action of a highly intelligent player who has configured a huge amount of information on the layout of the field in a brief moment and played the smartest option available. Looking at single passes, it’s almost impossible to evaluate this. Looking at a whole or multiple matches, you can.

How it works

Quite simply, every passage of play is recorded as having gone through a given player or not. Then the GaaProstats program will calculate what percentage of moves which went through a certain player were turned into scores. This can then be compared to the amount of moves which didn’t go through that player.

It’s not an exact science in an individual game because of the possibility of chance weighing negatively on what were well set up moves and because a smart player may be just as effective by creating space as getting on the ball.

Over a number of games, however, you can be guaranteed that a higher than average correlation between possessions to scores is s a mark of a better than average player.