Hurling Contested High Ball Analysis

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All other things being equal, the side who win the highest number of high contested balls in a hurling game, directly, or off the breaks, is more likely to win. This analyses takes account of every high ball contested.

How it Works

Tied in with GaaProstats unique hurling Possession Analysis formula, every time a high ball is contested, we analyse who were the primary players on each team to compete for the high ball. Based on this we come away with a figure which gives a read-out of a basic won clean/lost clean figure for high balls and a figure for won breaks/lost breaks.

It’s important to recognise that “Break Analysis” is another thing altogether which analyses which players have won breaks.  On “High Ball Analysis” we’re measuring if the high ball a given player competed for was one or lost on the break.

This gives weight to the fact that many balls aren’t broken evenly, that one fielder has broken it more favourably on his terms. Over a number of games, patterns tend to appear which deviate significantly from 50/50 results which you’d expect if  all things were even.

Significantly, it also leaves you with a whole team read-out of how many competed high balls and breaks your side have won. This alludes to high individual ability and/or efficient tactics which get extra players in the area of the field where the bal is.