GAA Analysis Software : Half Price Special €475

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Imagine if you could watch a dvd of your team’s game, and be left with individual videos of each player’s every ball contact afterwards!

*See Diarmuid Connolly’s video from last year’s semi-final*


Imagine you could do that in less than the normal running time of the dvd!


Imagine you could do it for kick-outs, breaks, scores for and against and a host of other elements of the game!


And imagine that at the same time this would leave you with post-modern percentage and ratio data of the game, pinpointing the key profitable and costly elements of your team’s game, with automated averages over multiple games!

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Imagine no more. The future of G.A.A. statistics is here.


Specifically designed for Gaelic football and hurling. The analysis templates in the program will give your team the kind of statistical edge that economist Arséne Weneger and mathematician Sam Allardyce got at Arsenal and Bolton fifteen years ago, before the professional soccer world caught up. The G.A.A. world still hasn’t. Until now!

Download your free trial here www.gaaprostats.com